Argo Media. Get paid for your short films.

You want to buy… my short film?

In Greek mythology, Argo was the ship on which the Argonauts set out across the sea to retrieve the golden fleece. The ship had unique powers to protect and forewarn the Argonauts. Argo is setting out on a journey to protect and elevate short films and filmmakers amidst an ocean of online content. 
That would be great thank you.
We don’t want to say finally, but finally… we have a curated streaming platform for short films that actually monetises the shorts for the filmmakers.
We hear you jumping for joy already and why not? Argo Media might be the solution to the parental question Have you got a real job yet? But hold fire whilst we run you through the platform.
To start you have to create an account with Argo, easy enough, then you can enter as a viewer or a filmmaker either suggesting one of your favourite shorts you’ve seen or one you have made. Then the suggestion is reviewed which, even then, is at least one more viewer for your low-budget venture. After which the film is accepted and featured on the site.
Following this, other viewers will be able to see your film through a subscription based payment system, meaning views for your film equals money and a fifty-fifty split is far better than any other service, including YouTube. Even more, provided they like your content, the viewers can even purchase the film from the site, again following the fifty-fifty split.
As short film makers ourselves this all sounds very exciting but we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the platform. We are in the early stages of the launch and we are yet to see the extent of the viewership and indeed the amount willing to subscribe to such a platform.
Here’s to hoping our short films might actually make some money for once… sorry mum.
You can start suggesting films for Argo Media here.