Tom Cruise x Elon Musk x NASA

The first narrative feature to be filmed entirely in space.
You and what sound guy?

Ever since NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the project, we’ve been staring at the headline Tom Cruise is making a movie in space thinking …yep. It’s about as far-fetched a headline as you can ask for, yet with Cruise’s name attributed it seems entirely possible. It feels like a film that has been waiting to happen and a film that many movie lovers have been anticipating without any word of its existence. To make things even more credible, SpaceX and it’s founder Elon Musk are affiliated with the project and you can be sure what Elon says, Elon does.
Our second thought when we heard the news was, you and what sound guy? It’s great that Cruise is pushing the limits of practical filming once again, like he does, but we have to take a moment to appreciate the guys behind the camera. Somewhere a sound engineer, a grip, a cam op and a gaffer are being lined up to shoot this film. Assuming they don’t film on a GoPro, they’ll be up there with him, and that’s before Cruise needs a coffee from who will be forever immortalised as the most over-qualified PA in history.
As of yet, nothing has been said about what the film will entail or even whether the whole film will be shot in space or just a portion of it. There have however been rumours that it could be the Doug Liman film Luna Park that was announced in 2015; a film that has had Cruise’s name attached from the beginning and one that Cruise has been desperate to make since.
Now we have to say that the whole project is in the very early stages of production so there is no confirmation it’ll happen at all but we are praying it does and we’re desperate to meet the producers behind it to wish them good luck on this cinematic first.